What to do after a failed sex hookup?

I wish I could tell you that all sex hookup attempts are slam dunks.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  There has yet to be a Lebron James of the free sex hook up game.  There are many guys who come close, but for the most part this is not the reality.  Everybody has shortcomings.  The reason should be quite simple.  Just as guys are very different from each other, women are also very different from each other.  Things that turn on one particular woman can actually be quite repulsive to another chick.  Why?  They all come from different backgrounds.  They have different experiences.  They were raised differently.  Many of them have different values. 

If you put all these differences together, it’s no surprise that they’re looking for different things as far as the sex hookup experience is concerned.  This is why it’s really important to understand how this works so you can move on if you fail.  I’m telling you right now, failure is a part of life.  The last thing that you want is to believe that you’re somehow, someway entitled to success.  If that’s how you think, then you are going to have a very difficult life indeed.

You see, success is never guaranteed.  What is guaranteed is a learning experience.  If you’re able to wrap your mind around that concept and you are able to give it the proper amount focus, you increase your likelihood of success.  However, the risk of failure will never entirely disappear.  In fact, failure is what makes life fun because failure is a risk.  If you think that everything in life has to be guaranteed, there’s really no fun in living life.

Think of it this way: if there was no risk that you will fall flat on your face when you try to approach that new person, then everybody would be hooking up and there will be no thrill in it.  Do you see how these all works?

The risk of failure that makes the thrill of the hunt so much more exciting.  So, instead of running away from failure, embrace it.  Understand that it is never a sure thing and what doesn’t kill you is only going to make you stronger.  In fact, that’s the mantra that I have taught myself when it comes to the sex hookup game.  If I can hook it up, I just say to myself, “Hey, it didn’t kill me so it made me stronger.”  Learn from your mistakes, take your game to the next level and keep trying again.  That’s how true players do it.

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